Things I Miss

Africa has been full of incredible new experiences, but of course, four months on the road in a completely different place away from the comforts of home will make you nostalgic for things you’re used to. Here, then, is a list I made the other day of things that I miss, listed in the order that they came to me.

1) Toilet seats
2) Not having to bring your own toilet paper to the bathroom 3) Walking on the street in peace
4) Being treated fairly
5) Prices listed and set
6) Soy/Tamari sauce
7) Dark chocolate
8) Pasta
9) Spices other than salt and chili pepper
10) Clothes other than the six or seven items I have
11) Hot water available on demand
12) Not always being covered in a layer of dust
13) Pavement
14) Asparagus
15) Broccoli
16) Ham and pork
17) Olive Oil
18) Washing machines
19) Being able to blend in if I want
20) NPR
21) Wireless Internet
22) Not dial-up speeds
23) Pizza
24) Cheese
25) Red wine
26) Dark beer
27) Cereal
28) Not having to carry soap into public bathrooms
29) Any sauce not made with tomatoes
30) ACTUAL Italian tomato sauce
31) Pancakes, waffles, and french toast
32) Cooking
33) Teaching
34) Coaching basketball
35) Not having to argue for 20 minutes about the price of absolutely everything 36) Clean bathrooms
37) Ultimate Frisbee
38) Baseball
39) A youth scene that doesn’t revolve around pool tables
40) Bell peppers
41) Sandwiches
42) Brown rice
43) Cities
44) Riding a bicycle
45) Toast
46) Baked…anything. Ovens, really.
47) Dessert that’s not dry cake or a commercial chocolate bar


2 responses to “Things I Miss

  1. Michael Hakim

    Yeah! Maybe that means you’ll come home this summer in time to land an Autumn teaching job and be reunited with all those niceties of America that you miss!

    Love, Pops

  2. Agreed with your list. After 8 months on this continent, my list doesn’t look so different from your own.

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